About us

Civic Fest Moldova is both a means for expressing the public engagement, voluntary and responsible civic behavior and a platform that brings together the most active and successful Moldovan and European NGOs through debates, artistic, cultural and social activities. The Festival aims at promoting and acknowledging the most successful projects and social actions as well as the achievements in modern visual arts: theatre, movie and painting. This event will encourage the involvement of all citizens from both banks of the Nistru River in all dimensions of community life they belong to, and thus will give them the chance to get promoted and learn from the experience of other peers.

The rationale of starting this project lies in the need to revive and consolidate the activity of NGOs, focused on European democratic and participatory practices in promoting an active civic position, based on the responsibility and commitments of common citizens involvement in social life. In this respect, we will inform the large audience about best and most innovative projects implemented by the most successful NGOs, which can bring a real change to the society and provide them the possibility to be followed by other organizations and be awarded as the best projects of the civil society.

Civic Fest is a call to all civil society organisations interested to break the myth according to which the activity of the NGOs is just a formality, but they address various problems in the society, their concerns about people, rediscover and promote the most relevant experiences which help improve people’s life.

Civic Fest represents a blending of what is new, progressive, advanced and strong to produce a change in the mentality, behavior and perception. In the same context, the platform of the Festival will reflect as well the 2013 theme of the European Union „Europe – for citizens” and the activities to cover the whole period would comprise 3 strategic directions:

  • Communication;
  • Information;
  • Performance.

CIVIC FEST is organized by the Public Association “Synergetica Eur/Est”, with support of the East Europe Foundation from funds provided by the Government of Sweden, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark/DANIDA.